Wednesday, August 24, 2011


we are finally all settled into our new place. {except for a few cutesy things to hang up and of course, the nursery}. we realized in this move that we have a lot more than we thought. here's a few pics from the move, please excuse the dirty hair & scrubs... it was a long day. but we are so grateful to have a home and we are loving it!

xoxo, the Harrison's

Thursday, August 18, 2011

the update.

so here's the scoop, last week we found out the gender of our baby! we weren't expecting to find out so soon but the baby was in a position to tell us haha. it's a BOY! we couldn't be happier. and mike is extremely excited of course ;) since the baby's coming i've been lining up projects for me to do before then. i made my own diaper bag! i hadn't seen any in the stores that i fell in love with so i decided to just make my dream bag! i'm very pleased with how it turned out, i was pretty nervous. (the sewing machine and i don't get along very well!) the total cost of the bag was probably around $30-$40 which isn't bad because that's how much i would have spent on a bag anyway. a bonus: i have extra fabric for other projects!

xoxo, the Harrison's

Thursday, August 4, 2011


so lucky to be only 6 hours away from the beach <3

ringling bro's & barnum + bailey circus, so goood!
longboarding on my families fav beach, manhattan.

huntington beach.

we're back from our week-ish long california trip! let me tell you, it was so much fun. however, we are very sad to be back in this terrible heat. our trip was very relaxing and we got everything we wanted to done. we were able to be there when the Us Open surf competition was happening and were able to watch some of those festivities. we enjoyed longboarding, beaching it, shopping, and also the circus! we are so very blessed to have some family friends who have a beach house right on laguna beach. the beach they are on is private so you have more space than in public beaches, which is really a bonus! we had such a good time and wish we could live there as beach bums but as mike says, 'it's back to reality'.