Monday, April 25, 2011


Soo.. this past weekend has been nuts. We have been extremely busy. It's coming to the end of the semester, we're workin jobs and today (hopefully) we will be buying a car :) We finally came to the decision that the truck was just TOO much gas at a time like this and we really need to do our best to save as much mula as we can...Mike's sad we're getting rid of the truck but luckily it's staying in the family so we more than likely will be able to borrow it. I've been having so much fun decorating our little home, it's the best! I remember going into home-y stores with my mom growing up and I did not like them, and as soon as I got my own home I absolutely love everything that has to do with a home. It's really got me thinking about going into Interior Design, seeing as the Elementary Ed thing isn't as attractive anymore. We'll see how it all plays out...


Here's one of the latest projects... My mom was so kind as to let us have her old kitchen chairs, but to get the style of my home, I decided to recover them!

stay tuned for pictures of our car.... :)
xoxo, The Harrison's

Monday, April 18, 2011

the utah thing

this last weekend, mike and i had the wonderful oppurtunity to go to Utah for his cousins wedding! We took off Thursday night straight from my class to Vegas to stay the night with my bro in law (Josh)'s friend. On the way up, my sister in law began to feel very sick so we had planned to take the following day pretty easy. The weather in Vegas and Utah was beautiful! Once we got to Utah we unpacked all our stuff and hung out with some of mikes extended family. Saturday was the best part of the trip! I was able to go to breakfast with my darling best friend, Stephanie. We went to McDonalds because that's our favorite, cheap breakfast place. We were probably gone for a couple of hours just reminiscing (*) and laughing. I miss her so darn much. Then we went on with the rest of the day to mikes cousins baseball game. You should have seen the people at the game when we were cheering all loud for dillon. We were the biggest support group there! Then it was off to get ready for the wedding... I love weddings. The bride looked beautiful and they both look so happy! I just love LOVE. I especially like being in love, that's even better :) i'm so grateful for wonderful in-laws who provided us with a wonderful, quick weekend to Utah! Here's a few pics from the trip...