Monday, October 24, 2011

grateful hearts.

words cannot explain how grateful i am.
i don't know why this hit me so hard today, but i'm really content right now. yeah, there's some things here and there that could be better, but there i really need to remain positive because i have been blessed with soo much. [really].

#1: my husband. he's handsome, loveable, and just OH so perfect for me. he always knows how to cheer me up, how to make me blush, and all around how be a better person. the other night we were talking about how much our relationship has developed over the past year of marriage. and really, we have gotten to know each other so much more. we have had so many wonderful experiences together, and we're going to continue to have these forever.. even bad ones! but i wouldn't want to experience these things with anyone else. he's truly, an amazing guy. i adore him. and can you believe we're approaching a year of marriage? crazyyy.
#2: sweet little max. we are so blessed to become parents soon. i can't even begin to explain the excitement that we both have for the day that our baby boy comes into this world. we feel so lucky to be able to have healthy bodies to provide for our mini us. throughout this pregnancy, i've had a real tough time with some body image issues. it's strange because never before have a been self conscious of my body. but as time goes on, and i look way more pregnant, the worry has turned into a blessing. i'm aware that some people aren't able to have their own children and keep reminding myself, "it'll all be worth it". our baby boy is quite active lately, and i just love him so much already. we are more than ready to become parents and are so grateful that Heavenly Father would send down one of His children for us to guide here on this earth. [100 days to go!]
#3: the gospel. wow, where would i be without the church. i'm so lucky to be a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. i've been a life-long member, and continue to see the good that it has brought me into my life. i have received so much peace and love from my Father in Heaven for trying to make the right decisions in my life. I know my Savior lives. he wants the best for all of His children. and i'm well aware of the blessings that have come in my life for obeying his commandments.
#4: families. another HUGE blessing in our lives is our families. every once and a while i get a urge to move back to Idaho and continue my schooling there. but then i realize what a huge blessing it is for mike and i to literally live less than 5 miles away from us [both of them!]. they are all such great examples to us and we enjoy their company. they have helped us so much in the past year, with getting our lives together and on our own i don't know how we would have done it without them! they are truly the best <3
#5: jobs. it's hard to say, but we're so very blessed to have good jobs. as our country is struggling, and tons of people are without work, we were able to hold some jobs that will take us through school and help us raise our family. yeah, we're extremely busy [especially mike] but we do know that we are doing everything we can to start out right. as our baby arrives, we will be very lucky to have me stay home with our baby. that is a major blessing right there.
#6: education. so this is really hard to count education as a blessing sometimes. most of the time i just want to quit. but i know that when we work towards something, we will be blessed in the long run. also, our prophets tell us over and over again that we must further our education in today's world. so i'm going to listen, because i want to see the blessings that going to school will bring!
#7: the temple. we have a temple so close to our house. it takes us no longer than 15 minutes to get there. sometimes, it's hard to make it there with our crazy schedules. but when we do, i feel an amazing peace inside that is unlike any other feeling. the spirit there is so strong, and i feel so close to my heavenly father. even when we're just walking on temple grounds. i'm also very excited to see the progress on the new Gilbert Temple! which will also be less than 15 minutes away. wow, so blessed.

looking at the good makes me forget about bad. yes, we've had our stressful, not-so-good days. but when we look at all the blessings that surround us. the bad seems so minute.

i'm forever grateful for these blessings.
xoxo, the Harrison's