Sunday, August 24, 2014

Baby Girl Harrison

So first off, its been almost a year since I last updated. So sorry! I guess you could say this last year has been busy! We welcomed our second baby to the world on August 19, 2014.  We are so happy that she's here! I wanted to document the birth story (in a tasteful manner) mostly so that I can always remember these special moments.
From the get-go I have been extremely nervous about baby's size especially with the fact that her brother was almost 9 pounds.  Ive had a few people tell me that your babys usually get bigger and that scared the crap out of me! I'm here to tell you that that is absolutely NOT true and I wont ever be scared again having babies haha. Also, everyone I would talk to would look at my belly and be like "you're NOT going to make it to your due date" and I even began to believe it.  So when I was quickly approaching my due date I didn't understand why I was still pregnant! Fast forward to the Thursday before my due date -- my doctor has been very on top of checking the amniotic fluid around the baby this time around because with Max my levels were dangerously low and they had to induce me immediately.  Well, sure enough at this appt they were low again and I was sent to the hospital for further testing and monitoring.  Of course when the hospital measured, my levels had nearly doubled what they were at the doctors the day before! crazy! my doctor then told me that I could be scheduled to be induced IF I had progressed enough.  I got my Monday the 18th appt to find out that I had progressed literally JUST Enough to be induced the next morning.  I had my time set for 5am on the 18th.  When I called at 4am to make sure they had room for me, they then told me they didn't have a room available and that they would give me a call.  I have heard this could take DAYS and I was SO done being pregnant. haha.  Max had slept over at mike's parents the night before thinking we would go to the hospital early morning.  To our disappointment, we went to pick up max around 10 am ... while we were there my phone rang (my phone rang a billion times that morning and none of them were the hospital) so I didn't expect it to say "Labor & Delivery" !!!! we then took him to my moms to give the other grandparents a little break.  Mike and I were hungry so we quick grabbed a jamba especially knowing you cant eat when youre induced.  We arrived at the hospital around 11 and were finally in our room by noon.  I started on Pitocin and was so curious as to how far I could make it before I would scream for the epidural.  I have such a low tolerance to pain so I knew it wouldn't be much lol.  I was a 4 when I asked for the epidural after my husband explaining to me "why not? youre going to get one anyways... better get it now then when it's too late" smart man he is.  I remember the epidural with max being blissful.  This was the exact opposite.  It took the guy 2 times to get it in the right spot with tons of wiggling and poking.  Crying and shaking through the whole thing because of the contractions I was having in between and I felt like dying with the pain of the epidural going into my back.  that WORE me out.  finally, PEACE.  Finally wasn't feeling contraction and now it was just the waiting game.  around 7pm my nurse was explaining to me that I had stopped progressing and that worried her.  She then told me that baby girl was most likely facing the wrong side for birth ( also known as sunny side up ) which freaked me out because of some horror stories Ive heard of deliveries like that.  We did several different positions to try and flip her but that stubborn little girl wouldn't budge! Finally around 9:30 it was time to push.  By then, my epidural had worn off and I could feel my legs.  Panicked, I told my nurse I needed more meds because I was beginning to feel Everything.  My told me there wasn't time which made me cry of course because I was terrified of the pain I may be feeling.  FINALLY after an hour of pain I have never felt before our sweet London jane came at 10:37PM -- crying instantly (unlike max when he was born) we had the happiest tears.  7 lbs 13 oz (SMALLER than my first baby, YAHOO!) After the excitement was over mike advised me that not only did she come out the wrong way but she also had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.  My absolute worse fear.  I read too many delivery stories gone bad :/ BUT she was here and healthy and happy.  We are so thrilled to have her home, I love how much more our house feels "full".
We feel so lucky to have Miss London in our home and feel grateful for all those who helped us while we were in the hospital and the meals that have been brought.  I have never felt more blessed. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

camping & update

this past weekend we were able to go camping up at the
 white mountains {by sunrise} with all of mike's family! this was a trip to remember! Max absolutely LOVES the outdoors! You could often find him roaming around in the woods exploring. It was so fun to watch him discover new things. He's lucky to have 3 cousins, and Charlotte is really close to his age! They were little buddies all weekend long! We arrived at camp on Friday afternoon. Enjoyed some lunch, and just hung out in the beautiful weather.   We were eating dinner around 5:30 and next thing you know, there is a HUGE rainstorm.  I haven't seen rain like that in a very long time.  We rushed to our tents to take cover.  We ended up staying in our tents all night because of the rain.  We were pretty bummed we didn't have a campfire or make smores.  Max did really well in the tent! He only woke up once! We were really surprised because when Mike took him to Fathers and sons in May, he hardly slept at all.  The next day we didn't have any major plans but we did go to "big lake" and it was seriously so pretty! These pictures don't even do it justice!

Other than the camping trip, things are keeping busy like normal.  Mike is back in school, which always stirs up our schedules! I was recently called into the YW's presidency in our church and I absolutely love it! It's so much fun getting to know these girls and reminds me of when I was their age.  {which wasn't all too long ago} also, I've been able to keep pretty busy with my Etsy shop which is really exciting! I'm at a perfect pace right now and wouldn't have it any other way! Anyway, things are good over here at the Harrison home! We cant believe that it is already September! Where has the time gone?!
xoxo, the Harrison's

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer update/ Cali trip

So I've been not so great at updating my blog.  But I know I need to keep doing it.  I was just looking through it now and it's crazy how many things happened that I forgot! Love keeping this little "journal". So there's not any crazy updates over here.  Other than Mike is taking the summer off of school.  Which, by the way, is AMAZING.  It's so nice having him home every night and that he's able to spend time with me but most importantly, Max.  A couple weeks ago, we took a spontaneous trip to Cali and boy was it a great decision! 'Here are some pics:


Max absolutely LOVED the beach.  He could walk along the sand all day if we let him.  As you can see in the pics, he was not afraid to get dirty in the sand.  We cannot believe that he is 17 months!! He's getting soo sooo big! Mama is counting down the sundays till nursery, when I can finally go back to my classes. haha. 
That's all the updates for now! :)
xoxo, the Harrison's

Sunday, May 12, 2013

House Tour - Living Room

Hallelujah! After about 1.5 months my living room is complete! There are a few odds and ends that won't stay the same, {i.e. shelves and pillows} but those are just things that will be switched up over time.  I will just go through these pics and say where I got things {if I can remember and if they weren't given to me :)} enjoy!

 Lamp - hand me down; gold owl - marshalls; canvas - gift; diy mason jars - hobby lobby for supplies; be the good sign - diy; tile mirror - target; artichoke - home goods; mantle - handmade from gpa
 floral curtains - world market; "H" - diy supplies from joanns and wood paper from hobby lobby
 mirror - marshalls; lamp - home goods; side table - craigslist
 mustard pillows set of 2 - tjmaxx; bow pillows - diy supplies from joanns
 piano - painted in Calico by Sherwin Williams; bench - cragslist
 added ruffle for length - supplies from joanns
 shelves - ross; knick knacks - ross, home goods, marshalls, ikea; green frame - ikea; white frame - hobby lobby
 dresser - craigslist; topiaries - michaels; frames - hobby lobby

That's all! Hope you enjoy <3
xoxo, the Harrison's

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

i love you to the moon & back

You bet this is going to be a mooshy post.  Seriously, be ready.  Tonight Mike has school which means a LONG day at home with my little boy.  I decided to take Max on a dinner date of his choice...Chic Fil A. I know, so mooshy gooshy. haha. Anyway, as we were sitting there... a mother and her son {probably around 17, 18 years of age walk in and sit in the booth next to us.  First thing that stuck out to me was "how the heck did this woman get her teenage BOY to go to dinner with her?" and my next thought was they look like they're having a great time together..  Ok now cue the tears because this was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.  This probably sounds so silly but to all you mamas out there, you understand.  I couldn't help but be nosy, had to listen to the teenage boys stories that he told his mom and the great ears the mother had.  This is exactly what I want so badly.  This desire has never peaked as much as it has tonight.... I want to be that mother and son who go to a restaurant and can talk about anything and enjoy each others company.  I know it sounds so simple and I'm sure this is every moms dream.  But there was something about this couple that stood out.  You could SEE their love, HEAR their laughter and FEEL the respect that they had for each other.  It was like getting hit by a bus.  I'm so grateful that I was able to witness such great examples to me { and they have no idea }.  I know every relationship can't be perfect and obviously things aren't always going to be green & pretty.  But to have the best relationship that you can have will be enough for me.  I love my sweet little boy and feel so lucky to be his momma.  Max, I hope that we can have that relationship of trust, love and respect.  I love you to the moon & back.
xoxo, Momma Harrison

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our busy, crazy life with a 1 YEAR OLD!

Oh my goodness.  I haven't blogged since November.  That's way too long! It's been so crazy over here, I don't even know where to begin! Well, the holidays came and went and they were wonderful, like always.  We love that both of our families live so close so that we can experience different holidays with BOTH families! We're so blessed.  We got to skype with my brother in law CJ who's on his mission in Minnesota which was wonderful! Mike is working full time, still going to school and is the Ward Mission Leader.  He has so much going on it's insane! I am being a mama, making headbands, working and serving with the Young Women in our ward.  All of this combined and it equals CRAZINESS.  But the good kind of course ;) OH as the cherry on top, WE PUT AN OFFER ON A HOUSE! That's right, a HOUSE! We're so stinkin excited.  It's still not official that it's ours yet but hopefully in these next few weeks we will know! Yesterday, Max turned 1.  I can't believe it.  It's absolutely nuts.  I want to cry.  He's getting more and more fun by the day though.  He makes sure to show off all his new tricks to us everyday.  We love him.  Here's some pics from his Pirate Birthday Parrrrrrrrrrrty. 

That's all for now, folks.

xoxo, the Harrison's

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boutique starting TOMORROW!

We're busy bodies over here at the Harrison's.  Mike is busy with work and school, Max is working on his climbing and crawling skills, and I'm chasing around my little boy and getting ready for a boutique tomorrow.  Oh how I LOVE BOUTIQUE/ HOLIDAY season!!! It's the best. 
Here are some pics from Max's 9 month shoot This kis is getting harder and harder to take pics of.  Haha. 

I can't believe how fast he's growing!!

The Harrison's