Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boutique starting TOMORROW!

We're busy bodies over here at the Harrison's.  Mike is busy with work and school, Max is working on his climbing and crawling skills, and I'm chasing around my little boy and getting ready for a boutique tomorrow.  Oh how I LOVE BOUTIQUE/ HOLIDAY season!!! It's the best. 
Here are some pics from Max's 9 month shoot This kis is getting harder and harder to take pics of.  Haha. 

I can't believe how fast he's growing!!

The Harrison's

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Pictures!

Ahhh i'm so excited about these! We are so beyond spoiled that my brother is a photographer.  We take pictures more often then we probably would have but I love it!! Especially with how fast our little one has grown.  Last time we took pics just the three of us, Max was so little he was asleep in most of them.  haha. But I LOVE these ones because they're more fall-ish and Max is most definately alert! If you are interested in getting your family pics done, my brother is doing a great holiday special!
13rock Photography, I will have a link on my FaceBook :)
Enjoy... :)

xoxo, the Harrison's

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

what's new?

Not too much is new here.  Mike just started his second class for the semester.  He loves school now, it's awesome. Now that he has a clear career path ahead of him, he's really motivated and optimistic about school.  It's really nice cause then I'm not as tempted to ask him to ditch ;)
Max now has 2 teeth.  They're so cute, the ones on the botton right in the middle, picture perfect. 
Today, we had his cousins over.  They had so much fun together.  This is Charlotte and she's 5 months older than Max and they're basically the same size, actually he's probably bigger.  Haha.
Anyways, this is boring.  But I had to share these cute pics of Max & Charlotte

xoxo, the Harrison's 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

just had a slight panic attack...

for two reasons...
reason #1: my baby is 8 months old.  8 MONTHS OLD?! Where the heck has the time gone. He's way too big.  Mike always likes to make it known to me how big he's getting and I just want to curl up in a ball and cry because as most moms.... "want them to stay little.... forever".  But I must admit, 8 months is pretty much fantastic.  He's so chunky and just cuddly.  I love it.  He hasn't quite started the crawling thing yet but it sure is coming.  He will be on his hands and knees and rock for several minutes at a time. 
some new things he's doing:
-his favorite way to "talk" is a really angry sounding scream-grunt-type thing it's actually really hilarious.
-he sits up on his own.  every morning in his crib we find him sitting up.
-plays peek-a-boo around corners and doors
-loves to work on his ever growing thighs (eating) that's not really new though..
-he's such a FLIRT
-knows very well how to hold and tip his bottle to get the very last drop
-his emotions show like crazy, he gets soo excited
-he has his first tooth and one that's about to break the surface any day now. 
reason #2 for my panic attak:
i'm going back to work.  mike and I have decided that a great opportunity has come up for me to work 8 hours a week. (not bad at all) i'll be going back to the gym to work there.  where great commission opportunities are there.  with trying to continue school and have a baby, there has been limited opportunites to save.  when this opportunity came along, we jumped right on it as an opportunty to SAVE AWAY! This morning I got pretty sick about the whole idea of going back to work and leaving my baby behind with loving family.  however, after talking with my mom I feel much better.  This opportunity is such a blessing and I'm lucky that I don't have to work more hours and that this position is so flexible.  I know that this is a huge blessing to our family.  I'll just have to share my little ones chunky legs with my family for a couple hours a week. 

That's all that's new  with our family.  Hope you enjoyed his 8 month pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  He's getting harder to photograph.  Such a busy body!
xoxo, the Harrison's

Monday, September 24, 2012

what our week will look like...

i hate teething already.  only his 2nd tooth is cutting and has plenty more to go.  i want my sweet happy baby back.  on the plus side, he cuddles with me, a lot.  which was unheard of before teething :)

xoxo, the Harrison's

Thursday, September 6, 2012

i want to cry.

I had to send my grandma some pictures of Max that she wants to develop.  Which led me to looking at all pictures of Max since he was itty bitty.  Holy cow.  He has changed sooo much and is huge now.  Can't they just stay little longer?!
Anyways, i'm reminiscing... and now letting you all reminisce my posting pics in order so you can see the crazy changes in Max.. love that little guy...

ahhhhh why do they have to grow up?! :(
xoxo, the Harrison's

another month come and gone..

This is so sad to me..
How fast he's growing up. When people tell you "it goes by fast", please believe them.  And don't take any minute for granted.  Even when they're pulling your hair out, screaming their head off, wanting you ALL the time.  I know someday I will miss it.  And wish he was tugging at my hair rather than being interested in girls...
Anyway, sad rant is now over. Max is getting his 1st TOOTH! Can you believe it? Today actually.  Is the first day that I was able to feel & see it! He's been really cranky.  But on the bright side, he has been extra cuddly.  Which mama loves! Below are my favorite shots of our 7 month shoot!

^ his favorite toy, a water bottle. 
xoxo, the Harrison's

Monday, August 20, 2012

Today, I'm grateful for..

Hands.  Yeah, that's right... my hands.

This morning was a pretty average morning.  Woke up to my sweet baby's complain, and got my lazy bum out of bed.  Got me and Max ready for the gym.  I was able to get to and from the car with ease.  After the gym, I went to Walmart for a new box of diapers, and a water case.  Which I was able to pick up with my own 2 hands.  While checking out, I was able to scan my items, and put them back in the cart.  With some struggle because of my strength, but I was able to do it.  Walking out to my car I thought to myself, "it's so hot outside", "i have so much to do today" yada yada yada.  While I opened my trunk, I lifted my items in and shut the trunk.  I looked over a couple cars down, to see an elderly man looking around in confusion. My first thought was how I should go help him.  Quickly, I decided that he doesn't need my help.. for I saw an elderly lady coming by which must have been his wife.  Nope, not his wife.  The lady quickly moved on by without notice of this man.  Again, I had a doubt.. "I have to put my baby in the cool car cause it's so dang hot outside!" but then the feeling came over me that I needed to go see if this man needs help.  As I brought my cart over, with Max in tow I saw something quite surprising.  This man had a empty cart. But on his cart were 2 hooks, as his hands.  He didn't have any hands.  Inside his van was a large vacuum and box that he was wanting to return.  As I loaded up his cart with all the supplies that he needed, I couldn't help but feel sorry for this man.  He was waiting so patiently but almost panicking for someone to come along and help him.  I couldn't believe myself that I would push away that feeling that I got, just so that I could get home and get on with my day.  He was so grateful at the end of my helping him that he gave me a huge, warm smile and complimented how beautiful and content my baby was.  While driving home, I thought of all the struggles that that man faces every. single. day. How silly of me to take my hands for granted.  Cause what did I accomplish today, with my hands & fingers? I was able to: make decorations for a baby shower, give Max a head rub, sew some skirts, cut some fabric, grocery shop, type this blog post and most importantly hold my sweetheart's hand.  Boy did that hit me hard.  I'm so lucky to have my hands. Then I started to think about all the other things that I take for granted and am oh so blessed to have.  People face a lot harder things than I face on a daily basis.  I really need to be more grateful in my life.  And follow the promptings that I get, so that I can help those in need.  I'm so grateful for that experience, for I was able to help someone today.  Even though it may have been a small favor, it really brought me to think of important things in my life that I'm grateful for. 

xoxo, the Harrison's

Sunday, August 19, 2012

the "perfect" stage

I'm convinced that Max is at the perfect stage right now.  He's so interactive, getting smarter by the minute, and still not mobile [good for mom :)].  He has started to do this thing where he coughs fake's hilarious.  He will just sit there and do this HUGE dramatic cough.  I think it's his way to get our attention when he wants it.  But I absolutely love it.  He's also getting more observant.  For example: the other day he was sitting on my lap.  Just playing with my necklace as usual.  He then looks at my right eye... and stares at it.  Slowly, he comes closer and closer until he's like 2cm from my eyeball.  Oh my goodness.  Why did he feel the need to do that? haha.  I love this little boy to pieces.  We are so blessed to have this special little baby in our home.  He does make life so much better.  It's incredible the happiness we have that comes from him.  I'm sorry I take so many pictures of him... I just can't seem to get enough of this little guy..

Love him. More everyday.

xoxo, the Harrison's

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hug your best friends tight!

Hug your best friends tight! Because yours probably isn't all the way in Alaska..

I miss this girl!
But I know that she's in the right place and helping SO many people. She's such an example to me and I can't wait till I can give her a big hug again! It's been weird not being able to just text or call her whenever I want.  Soon enough :)

That's alll... for now!

xoxo, the Harrison's [more so Haley ;)]

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Operation: Date Night Squared

We've had a pretty crazy weekend, plans left and right.  So we weren't sure when we were going to squeeze date night in.  So we decided that after our commitment last night, we would have our first babysitters would come over while Max went down for the night.  [Our babysitters were 2 of my lovely siblings, Nicole is now 12!].  We didn't even know what we were going to do yet, we just knew that our budget is low and most things were closed when it was finally time to go out.  AND we already had ice cream, which is something we usually result to over here.  haha.  So we decided that it would be fun to reenact one of our date nights! While we were dating, but before I left for school in the summer, this was one of our date nights.  And surprisingly, we had so much fun with it.  So we picked this date.  I would suggest any couple to do this.  It was so fun talking about memories that we had from the other date, and what has changed since then [for example, we now have a baby together :)] I love my man so much.  He always finds a way to make me laugh.  I'm so lucky to call him my husband.  This morning, we had the wonderful oppurtunity to attend the temple together, as I was sitting out in the foyer waiting for my hubs (shouldn't it be the other way around?!) there was bride after bride coming in and out of the temple.  It really was incredible how many sealings were going on.  But as I saw the excitement and love in the bride and grooms faces, it reminded me of how exciting that day is.  And how special and sacred marriage is. 

Here are a few of our goofy pictures. :)

xoxo, the Harrison's