Monday, August 20, 2012

Today, I'm grateful for..

Hands.  Yeah, that's right... my hands.

This morning was a pretty average morning.  Woke up to my sweet baby's complain, and got my lazy bum out of bed.  Got me and Max ready for the gym.  I was able to get to and from the car with ease.  After the gym, I went to Walmart for a new box of diapers, and a water case.  Which I was able to pick up with my own 2 hands.  While checking out, I was able to scan my items, and put them back in the cart.  With some struggle because of my strength, but I was able to do it.  Walking out to my car I thought to myself, "it's so hot outside", "i have so much to do today" yada yada yada.  While I opened my trunk, I lifted my items in and shut the trunk.  I looked over a couple cars down, to see an elderly man looking around in confusion. My first thought was how I should go help him.  Quickly, I decided that he doesn't need my help.. for I saw an elderly lady coming by which must have been his wife.  Nope, not his wife.  The lady quickly moved on by without notice of this man.  Again, I had a doubt.. "I have to put my baby in the cool car cause it's so dang hot outside!" but then the feeling came over me that I needed to go see if this man needs help.  As I brought my cart over, with Max in tow I saw something quite surprising.  This man had a empty cart. But on his cart were 2 hooks, as his hands.  He didn't have any hands.  Inside his van was a large vacuum and box that he was wanting to return.  As I loaded up his cart with all the supplies that he needed, I couldn't help but feel sorry for this man.  He was waiting so patiently but almost panicking for someone to come along and help him.  I couldn't believe myself that I would push away that feeling that I got, just so that I could get home and get on with my day.  He was so grateful at the end of my helping him that he gave me a huge, warm smile and complimented how beautiful and content my baby was.  While driving home, I thought of all the struggles that that man faces every. single. day. How silly of me to take my hands for granted.  Cause what did I accomplish today, with my hands & fingers? I was able to: make decorations for a baby shower, give Max a head rub, sew some skirts, cut some fabric, grocery shop, type this blog post and most importantly hold my sweetheart's hand.  Boy did that hit me hard.  I'm so lucky to have my hands. Then I started to think about all the other things that I take for granted and am oh so blessed to have.  People face a lot harder things than I face on a daily basis.  I really need to be more grateful in my life.  And follow the promptings that I get, so that I can help those in need.  I'm so grateful for that experience, for I was able to help someone today.  Even though it may have been a small favor, it really brought me to think of important things in my life that I'm grateful for. 

xoxo, the Harrison's

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