Friday, August 3, 2012

6 months ago today...

I tear up a little as I write this post...
Because 6 months ago today, I had my precious little baby boy. Our lives have been changed forever, in the best way possible.  I remember the many emotions going through me this day.  Excitement, nervous, scared, so so happy.  Max has been such a huge blessing in our lives and I am so very grateful that I was the one chosen to be his mommy.  Everyday he amazes me.  I look at his tiny fingers and toes, and think...Wow, he was in my stomach for 9 months.  I love the way he looks at Mike and I while we're hugging and smooching.  He will be grossed out later, but right now he absolutely loves it.  Some days are really hard.  Being a stay at home mom is nothing like I had imagined.  It's even better.  Such a rewarding, tiring job.  I absolutely love it. 

Max, I hope that you know how much mom & dad love you.  You're incredible and have a great personality at such a young age.  You have changed our lives in so many ways.  But it is all oh so worth it.  We are so lucky.

xoxo, the Harrison's

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