Friday, July 27, 2012

what to do, what to do....

First thing's first... It seems like overnight, Max has been grabbing anything in sight, wanting to eat what we eat, and even holding himself up to sit! He can't sit up without the support of his hands yet but we know that that day is soon to come.  We feel like we're in some trouble, soon enough he will be into EVERYTHING! So I'm already in the mindset of  "let's babyproof".  Our house is pretty proofed already since we don't have much but there's definately things that need to be fixed before he starts scootin his booty everywhere. 

Also, if anyone has any advice about attachment to mom.  That would be great.  Because as of late, Max does not want me out of his sight..It was flattering at first but now it's getting crazy.  I feel like I can't get anything done! Is this normal for 5-6 month aged baby? I sure hope it's just a phase...

That's pretty much all that's new with Max.  Mike just finished up his semester with straight A's and has a full 3 weeks off! Wahhoooooooo! He really liked his classes and I'm happy for him but i'm ready for him to be home at nights for a little while. I love him and the hard work and dedication that he puts towards our family. Me? Well, i've just been a hardworking craft-making, mom.  I'm taking the next couple of semesters off, we just can't afford 2 students right now.  Hopefully by 2013 I will be back at school!

This probably seems like a way random post.  I feel like I'm jumping around, so sorry for that.  But before I go  I wanted to share a quote that I read today.  Everyday I get an email from "LDS Gems" with quotes in them.  Today's was really good. 

"In reality, there aren't many things in a day that are totally without significance.  Even the mundane and repetitious can be tiny but significant building blocks that in time establish the discipline and character and order needed to realize our plans and dreams.  Therefore, as you ask in prayer for your daily bread, consider thoughtfully your needs - both what you may lack and what you must protect against.  As you retire for bed, think about the successes and failures of the day and what will make the next day a little better.  And thank your heavenly father for the manna He has placed along your path that sustained you through the day".  -D. Todd Christofferson

xoxo, the Harrison's

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