Monday, September 16, 2013

camping & update

this past weekend we were able to go camping up at the
 white mountains {by sunrise} with all of mike's family! this was a trip to remember! Max absolutely LOVES the outdoors! You could often find him roaming around in the woods exploring. It was so fun to watch him discover new things. He's lucky to have 3 cousins, and Charlotte is really close to his age! They were little buddies all weekend long! We arrived at camp on Friday afternoon. Enjoyed some lunch, and just hung out in the beautiful weather.   We were eating dinner around 5:30 and next thing you know, there is a HUGE rainstorm.  I haven't seen rain like that in a very long time.  We rushed to our tents to take cover.  We ended up staying in our tents all night because of the rain.  We were pretty bummed we didn't have a campfire or make smores.  Max did really well in the tent! He only woke up once! We were really surprised because when Mike took him to Fathers and sons in May, he hardly slept at all.  The next day we didn't have any major plans but we did go to "big lake" and it was seriously so pretty! These pictures don't even do it justice!

Other than the camping trip, things are keeping busy like normal.  Mike is back in school, which always stirs up our schedules! I was recently called into the YW's presidency in our church and I absolutely love it! It's so much fun getting to know these girls and reminds me of when I was their age.  {which wasn't all too long ago} also, I've been able to keep pretty busy with my Etsy shop which is really exciting! I'm at a perfect pace right now and wouldn't have it any other way! Anyway, things are good over here at the Harrison home! We cant believe that it is already September! Where has the time gone?!
xoxo, the Harrison's