Friday, July 27, 2012

what to do, what to do....

First thing's first... It seems like overnight, Max has been grabbing anything in sight, wanting to eat what we eat, and even holding himself up to sit! He can't sit up without the support of his hands yet but we know that that day is soon to come.  We feel like we're in some trouble, soon enough he will be into EVERYTHING! So I'm already in the mindset of  "let's babyproof".  Our house is pretty proofed already since we don't have much but there's definately things that need to be fixed before he starts scootin his booty everywhere. 

Also, if anyone has any advice about attachment to mom.  That would be great.  Because as of late, Max does not want me out of his sight..It was flattering at first but now it's getting crazy.  I feel like I can't get anything done! Is this normal for 5-6 month aged baby? I sure hope it's just a phase...

That's pretty much all that's new with Max.  Mike just finished up his semester with straight A's and has a full 3 weeks off! Wahhoooooooo! He really liked his classes and I'm happy for him but i'm ready for him to be home at nights for a little while. I love him and the hard work and dedication that he puts towards our family. Me? Well, i've just been a hardworking craft-making, mom.  I'm taking the next couple of semesters off, we just can't afford 2 students right now.  Hopefully by 2013 I will be back at school!

This probably seems like a way random post.  I feel like I'm jumping around, so sorry for that.  But before I go  I wanted to share a quote that I read today.  Everyday I get an email from "LDS Gems" with quotes in them.  Today's was really good. 

"In reality, there aren't many things in a day that are totally without significance.  Even the mundane and repetitious can be tiny but significant building blocks that in time establish the discipline and character and order needed to realize our plans and dreams.  Therefore, as you ask in prayer for your daily bread, consider thoughtfully your needs - both what you may lack and what you must protect against.  As you retire for bed, think about the successes and failures of the day and what will make the next day a little better.  And thank your heavenly father for the manna He has placed along your path that sustained you through the day".  -D. Todd Christofferson

xoxo, the Harrison's

Saturday, July 14, 2012

my favorite time of day.

Lately, I've discovered what my favorite part of the day is.  It happens to be when Max is asleep.  I know this sounds weird, because I absolutely love playing and taking care of our little man.  But there's something special about that 15 minutes after we put him down.  Mike and I tip-toe in his room to check on him.  We always do this together because we love talking about how amazing he is.  Every deep sleep breath, those big chubby cheeks, and his sausage toes.  We hug for a bit and talk about how blessed we are to have him in our lives.  I guess it's just one of those things that parents can understand. But I hope that everyone I know and care about can have these same feelings someday.  Because it is simple incredible.  He is so precious to us.  He does new things every day that surprises us.  We are so lucky.

Just a little reminiscing going on.... 

Some new things that Max does:

-Rolls over, everywhere: Funny little side story: The other day I had just given him a bath and had set him on the floor to put his diaper on.  Like usual, I forgot a outfit to put on him afterwords.  So I went over to his room to pick something out.  I was gone for maybe 30 seconds.  When I got back, he was under the kitchen table.  It was the craziest thing ever.  I had to look around to make sure nobody was in our house and moved him! It was like overnight that he started rollin around.  Nuts.
-Has a "ooohh gaahhhh" conversation with you
-Grabs toys (& moms hair)
-Laughs & snorts

Anyway, sorry if this post was kind of jumpy.  There's just a lot goin on over here :)
xoxo, the Harrison's

Sunday, July 8, 2012

feet in the sand.

So we finally made it back from our last trip... well... for a long time.  We had so much fun! I should have kept better track at what we did but it was a really simple trip.  Didn't really do anything out of the ordinary.  Some beach time, shopping, and sight seeing.  Mike, my dad and my little brother Tanner did go to Santa Clarita to see the Tumbler {Batman's car in the new movie} I would bet that that was Mike's favorite part of the trip ;)  So much relaxing on this trip and I miss every second of it.  Especially the weather.  Boy, is it hot here!!! My favorite memories were simply driving with the windows down, beach breeze coming through. I absolutely love that.  This was our first vacation as a family of three {besides the 2 day family reunion}.  Max' schedule was WAY off so we had a grumpy baby a lot of the time.  That was something to get used to.  So we spent a lot of time going somewhere to quickly head back to my dads apartment to get him down for a nap.  That was quite challenging but i'm so glad Mike was there to help me! {Last Cali trip I braved it by myself!}.  We are very happy to be home now... especially because our A/C decided to go out on the drive home.  Talk about miserable.  That was the only major setback of this trip.  I always look at the homes in Cali and wonder if the people who live there realize how lucky they are to have the beach and such wonderful summer weather.  If only one day we could move there...

 Our cutie pie about to eat lunch. carrots
 My sweet, precious boys.
 All of these pics my eyes were closed, but I still love them.

 He liked loved playing in the sand!

 Had to smooch for the cam...
 My sister Nicole made this in honor of our awesome waiter at our favorite restaraunt Mama D's, Dale. {This is excactly how he looked} haha.
Our little boy after a long battle to take a nap.

So glad to be home.  Can't wait to see that beautiful sunny California again.. till next time..

xoxo, the Harrison's

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

it's that time again!

My sweet little guy is 5 months old today! Here's a few pics from our shoot this morning:

Some new things that Max has been doing:

-Doesn't like when mom or dad are out of site
-Tried green beans and LOVES them!
-Rolls over occasionally from back to stomach and quickly from stomach to back
-Knows what his bottle is, and quiets down as soon as he sees it
-Knows his name
-Likes blankets on his face {this isn't new but he just loves it so}
-Sleeps in his crib now!

xoxo, the Harrison's

Monday, July 2, 2012

boys only.

We were all hanging out on a Sunday afternoon as a family.  I was reading a book and Mike was playin around on the iPad.  Max was just layin down enjoying a relaxing afternoon.  All of the sudden, Mike looks at Max and says "Bud! I have a great idea, let's make our first fort together!".  He then looks at me and says  "it's a boys only fort".  Oh my goodness, this is why my husband is the greatest dad out there. My heart was melting.  I continued reading my book and several seconds later I hear "this is where we talk about girls".  hahah.  Oh man.  I love my little family

This is a short post, but completely necessary.

xoxo, the Harrison's