Tuesday, July 3, 2012

it's that time again!

My sweet little guy is 5 months old today! Here's a few pics from our shoot this morning:

Some new things that Max has been doing:

-Doesn't like when mom or dad are out of site
-Tried green beans and LOVES them!
-Rolls over occasionally from back to stomach and quickly from stomach to back
-Knows what his bottle is, and quiets down as soon as he sees it
-Knows his name
-Likes blankets on his face {this isn't new but he just loves it so}
-Sleeps in his crib now!

xoxo, the Harrison's


  1. Where was he sleeping before?

  2. Well I guess he was sort of in his crib before... But he was in a baby basket thing in his crib.. He got too big:(