Saturday, July 14, 2012

my favorite time of day.

Lately, I've discovered what my favorite part of the day is.  It happens to be when Max is asleep.  I know this sounds weird, because I absolutely love playing and taking care of our little man.  But there's something special about that 15 minutes after we put him down.  Mike and I tip-toe in his room to check on him.  We always do this together because we love talking about how amazing he is.  Every deep sleep breath, those big chubby cheeks, and his sausage toes.  We hug for a bit and talk about how blessed we are to have him in our lives.  I guess it's just one of those things that parents can understand. But I hope that everyone I know and care about can have these same feelings someday.  Because it is simple incredible.  He is so precious to us.  He does new things every day that surprises us.  We are so lucky.

Just a little reminiscing going on.... 

Some new things that Max does:

-Rolls over, everywhere: Funny little side story: The other day I had just given him a bath and had set him on the floor to put his diaper on.  Like usual, I forgot a outfit to put on him afterwords.  So I went over to his room to pick something out.  I was gone for maybe 30 seconds.  When I got back, he was under the kitchen table.  It was the craziest thing ever.  I had to look around to make sure nobody was in our house and moved him! It was like overnight that he started rollin around.  Nuts.
-Has a "ooohh gaahhhh" conversation with you
-Grabs toys (& moms hair)
-Laughs & snorts

Anyway, sorry if this post was kind of jumpy.  There's just a lot goin on over here :)
xoxo, the Harrison's

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  1. Haha we do the same thing a lot, especially now when we have to move Bristol to her bed every night. (she is in a big girl bed now and falls asleep on the floor) Although you love to play with them, sleep time will become cherished and loved to also be free from them. They wake up happier, and you get precious alone time!