Sunday, July 8, 2012

feet in the sand.

So we finally made it back from our last trip... well... for a long time.  We had so much fun! I should have kept better track at what we did but it was a really simple trip.  Didn't really do anything out of the ordinary.  Some beach time, shopping, and sight seeing.  Mike, my dad and my little brother Tanner did go to Santa Clarita to see the Tumbler {Batman's car in the new movie} I would bet that that was Mike's favorite part of the trip ;)  So much relaxing on this trip and I miss every second of it.  Especially the weather.  Boy, is it hot here!!! My favorite memories were simply driving with the windows down, beach breeze coming through. I absolutely love that.  This was our first vacation as a family of three {besides the 2 day family reunion}.  Max' schedule was WAY off so we had a grumpy baby a lot of the time.  That was something to get used to.  So we spent a lot of time going somewhere to quickly head back to my dads apartment to get him down for a nap.  That was quite challenging but i'm so glad Mike was there to help me! {Last Cali trip I braved it by myself!}.  We are very happy to be home now... especially because our A/C decided to go out on the drive home.  Talk about miserable.  That was the only major setback of this trip.  I always look at the homes in Cali and wonder if the people who live there realize how lucky they are to have the beach and such wonderful summer weather.  If only one day we could move there...

 Our cutie pie about to eat lunch. carrots
 My sweet, precious boys.
 All of these pics my eyes were closed, but I still love them.

 He liked loved playing in the sand!

 Had to smooch for the cam...
 My sister Nicole made this in honor of our awesome waiter at our favorite restaraunt Mama D's, Dale. {This is excactly how he looked} haha.
Our little boy after a long battle to take a nap.

So glad to be home.  Can't wait to see that beautiful sunny California again.. till next time..

xoxo, the Harrison's

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