Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer update/ Cali trip

So I've been not so great at updating my blog.  But I know I need to keep doing it.  I was just looking through it now and it's crazy how many things happened that I forgot! Love keeping this little "journal". So there's not any crazy updates over here.  Other than Mike is taking the summer off of school.  Which, by the way, is AMAZING.  It's so nice having him home every night and that he's able to spend time with me but most importantly, Max.  A couple weeks ago, we took a spontaneous trip to Cali and boy was it a great decision! 'Here are some pics:


Max absolutely LOVED the beach.  He could walk along the sand all day if we let him.  As you can see in the pics, he was not afraid to get dirty in the sand.  We cannot believe that he is 17 months!! He's getting soo sooo big! Mama is counting down the sundays till nursery, when I can finally go back to my classes. haha. 
That's all the updates for now! :)
xoxo, the Harrison's

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