Monday, July 18, 2011

happy days.

(above) this is a cute little project that i've been working on. i started out with mike and i so as our kids come along we can do them one at a time. just a neat little way to display your family.

(above) us and hattie before the baptism.
(above) 50's Nerds!

not much is new at our home. just the fact that we're super excited for our almost-week long California trip. Countdown: 10 days! We had a wonderful weekend, here's a sneak peak at what we did: Friday, date night! We dressed up as "50's Nerds" to receive a free milkshake at Chick Fil A. Oh, what we do for free stuff! haah we got funny looks but many compliments on our 50's outfits. Later that night we went home to have a movie marathon. We didn't even make it through our 2nd movie. Saturday was catch-up day. Mike had to teach piano lessons & prep the car for our road trip. I stayed home, catching up on much needed housework. That afternoon we were extremely blessed to participate in a baptism. Mike & I are ward missionaries and have been interacting with an investigator that the full time missionaries had been associated with. Such a neat experience to feel the spirit and see someone so happy to have the gospel in her life. It makes me feel like I should cherish that gift always. That night we went to the Harrison's to have dinner and catch up with family. We then went to Dave & Busters with Mike's sister & husband. It was a blast! We haven't been out that late in a while but it was well worth it.. haha. Sunday was the typical church, nap and dinner at my parents house. It was great to see my dad who's only here for the weekend and I haven't seeen him in weeks! It was such a wonderful weekend, filled with fun activities.

xoxo, the Harrison's

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  1. you two are the cutest!!! i would have totally done the same for a free milkshake!