Thursday, December 29, 2011

it's been 2 months?

i can't believe i haven't updated in 2 months! that's how crazy busy we've been. mike and i finished up our semester the second week of december. we were very ready for a break! Christmas was a great success, we spent the night at my parents house Christmas Eve and woke up bright n early with my little siblings, went to church and spent lots of time with family. {p.s. i don't know why my christmas pictures always come out blurry}
2nd exciting update: i'm 35 weeks as of YESTERDAY! Which means, i can FINALLY count on one hand how many weeks i have left. i've been feeling pretty good, minus the lack of sleep from being pregnant. {i'm worried my baby's going to be a night owl, as soon as i lay down for the day, he goes nuts} I cannot wait till Max gets here! we are SO ready.
{the letters are to add color, painting's such a hassle in an apt!}

{our $20 goodwill find :)}

i recently put in my 2 weeks at the gym, and quite nannying a couple of weeks ago. {i was nannying a 2 and 1 year old and with a big belly it was getting really difficult lifting them and chasing after them!} so now it's time for me to prepare as much as i can while i have the time!
mike's going to be the greatest daddy.

xoxo, the Harrison's


  1. WOW you are prego?!?! how exciting, a little boy! you look so great :) and your apt is adorable.a re you done at byui? living in arizona now?

  2. you are just the cutest pregnant girl!! so excited for you!