Sunday, April 22, 2012

"it will be funny.... later...."

This weekend has been such a great one.  And to think, it's not even over yet! :) Friday we just hung out at home as a family {ate dinner, watched movie, got ready for my party, etc}.  It was such a relaxing evening to the end of yet another crazy week.  Saturday morning started nice and early so I could prepare some food for some guests.  {I had been planning to have a clothing swap with some friends}  It turned out sooo good! It was good to chat, and get new {to us} clothes! I definitely think i'll plan another one in the near future! I suggest any young married couple who is looking to not spend money to do this! It was a great way to freshen up your wardrobe without spending money! Mike took Max for the morning which was also a excellent break! When they both got home, Mike told me he was done with his HW {which NEVER happens this early in the day} We decided to go say hi to my parents and we dropped Max off so we could go shoe shopping for Mike.  That night, we took my brother and sister on a "date" to go watch our stake YM&YW do a dance festival. Which, by the way, was fantastic! We then went to Cold Stone to have some ice cream in this warm weather that we have been experiencing.  Now, you're probably wondering about the title of my post... and this is the part of the night where this comes into play... 
we had been sitting at the table in Cold Stone, enjoying our evening.  All of the sudden, Mike looks at me and says quietly "look at max..." he kind of had a concerned look on his face so i was scared to see what i would find.  in disgust, i realized my sweet little baby had EXPLODED in his diaper.  And i mean, everywhere! I immediately panicked because my poor baby is sitting in his own waste and was just so grossed out by the fact.  I told the kids that we needed to go right away so we could clean him up.  {this is where i learned that i am suuuch a mom}. As we were walking out to our car, we realized we didn't have our keys. {while i was thinking, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?} I was so frustrated.  This probably doesn't seem like a big deal but i felt SO bad that Max was sitting in the nasty mess and i just wanted to go home so i could fix it.  But we couldn't.  Our keys were sitting right on the drivers seat staring right back at us, doors locked.  ugh. my siblings and i walked over to frys for some diapers and wipes so we could at least start the process.  on the way over there my sweet 9-year old brother says, "this is one of those stories that we can tell and laugh about... later..." i was so glad that he had said that because that's soo true! it kind of changed my attitude for the night because before he had said that i felt like a grump.  my father in law then picked us up and we were able to clean him up! :) 

So anyway, that was my "mom freak out moment". Haha.  I feel silly now that I was so upset.  But when you're a mom sometimes you just do that, i guess..

Here's some pics from this last week :)

He's almost 3 months old!!! Crazy how time flies...

xoxo, the Harrison's 

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