Friday, February 17, 2012

2 weeks old!

Max is 2 weeks old today! I can't believe it. We went to his 2 week appt this morning and he's almost gained a WHOLE POUND. Let me tell ya, this little man likes to eat. We are loving the extra noise in our home and the sweet facial expressions we get from our little peanut. It's been a crazy adjustment but it gets better everyday! He's a wonderful baby and we are so lucky to be his parents <3

xoxo, the Harrison's

ps. Who do you think Max looks like? We can't pin point who he looks like at all. We know he still has a lot of changing to do though! I wish he'd stay this little forever.

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  1. oh how i adore babies they are the sweetest and you dont understand how precious till you have one of your own! congrats! so exciting he is adorable i think he looks like you!