Tuesday, February 28, 2012

it's a wonderful life.

being a mom is the best thing in the world. period. looking back at my pregnancy, that was hard. but don't get me wrong, it was totally worth it... just like they say. the moment Max was born, i had so many emotions. i was even a little scared of the responsibility that comes with being a mom. however, i'm mostly grateful for the opportunity that i have to have a healthy, sweet baby boy. a short 3 weeks ago, i was in the hospital bursting with excitement and not able to sleep because i just wanted to hold my baby all the time. i've always liked holding new babies, but there's something different about holding your very own. i totally don't mind waking up several times throughout the night to feed him. he's so precious. he's perfect. i don't ever want to take this time for granted. i want my little Max to be exactly that forever...little. but, we all know that that's not what's in store for him. he's on this earth for a special purpose, just like the rest of us. he needs to grow, and learn. no matter how much i don't want that to happen. i'm so grateful for Max and the special spirit that he brings into our home. he really is a child of god. we are seriously blessed.

xoxo, the Harrison's


  1. Have I told you how inspiring your blog is? It gets me even more excited about having my own baby and gives me confidence about the future. Thanks Haley! Oh, and did I tell you that we're considering naming our baby Haley? Yeah, she'd be named after you. We'll just have to see what she looks like!

  2. Thanks SUSANNNN! That seriously means a ton to me. NO way! Well, I will live to my name the best that I can so that your little one will have someone to look up to ;) so excited for you and your little soon to be family!