Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh, the wonderful weekend!

We had such a great weekend! It started off on Friday, we went to a wedding reception for one of Mike's friends. It was beautiful! Afterwards, we needed to do something fun because of the great excitement that I have since school is DONE! We got dessert and quickly ran to Golfland before it closed. It was so much fun! Plus, it was a beautiful night out! We were up pretty late so we slept in Saturday morning. Saturday we went to a lizard pit at a family friends work. It was disgusting and cool all at the same time. haha, I was freaking out at how many lizards there were! On our way home we stopped at my aunts bakery in Phx for some yummy yummy mexican food. After, we washed our car out in the warm sun (Mike did most of the work while I layed out.. hehe). That night we stayed over at my parents house while they were out of town. We went to go get dessert and took a nice drive with the windows down because of the wonderful night weather that we've been having. Sunday was wonderful as well, even though we were extremely tired from our weekend activities. I love summertime.

Above, Mike and I at Golfland!
I told Tanner and Mike to do a scared face because we were surrounded by reptiles.

A project I've been working on for the week! A big H now hangs in my family room...So much fun to do. :)

xoxo, The Harrison's

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  1. you are so stinkin crafty, your house must be ridiculously beautiful!!