Monday, May 2, 2011

catchin' up

So, I feel like it's been a while since i've updated everyone on our lives...

First thing's first, we bought a car! I don't have any pictures of the car but it's a grey Honda Accord and we LOVE it. We're also going to love the gas mileage compared to the truck. We also just purchased a new scoot for Mike, the one we had just had a wimpy engine. We needed something more reliable to get to work and school for the both of our busy schedules. This past weekend was a wonderful one, after work on Friday I got to see my really good friend who's living in Australia. We went to lunch and just caught up on each others lives. ( The middle picture is me and Kelsey ). That night my husband and I went with my Dad and Grandma to the temple for my family. It was such a wonderful experience. It's amazing the peace you can feel when you're on the temple grounds. After the session, we went to Costa Vida! YUM!

^ This picture is Mike and I in the back of the truck at a drive in in the church parking lot, watching Despicable me! ^ :) we love date night!
^Kelsey & I ^

^ Haha we had to take pictures of all the cash we had when we bought our car... so just in case you were wondering... those are all Benjamins.. ^

xoxo, The Harrison's

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