Tuesday, May 15, 2012

too good to not share: make your own maxi

So, I came across a blog that had tons of tutorials on how to make your own clothes.  {Mainly sunday-ish outfits i.e. skirts, dresses..} I decided to use the "Make your own Maxi" tutorial and i'm IN LOVE.  I found some fabulous fabric for $1.99/yd and made my skirt out of just 1 yard! The tutorial asks for 2 yards but i didn't want my skirts as flared as hers.  So it worked out for the better because I spent less money and got the look that i wanted.  Here's the blog:

Happy Maxi skirt making :)

xoxo, the Harrison's

p.s. you do not need some mad sewing skills to make these! i'm a beginner and was able to make these no problem!


  1. Cute! Although I think you could call yourself a little more than a beginner sewer, or at least you catch on quick! I saw how perfectly you were sewing around those felt trees in your quiet book! ;)

  2. Where did you get the fabric!?

  3. I stOcked up in la at the fashion district!