Monday, March 7, 2011

Mom & Dad for the Weekend.

First of all: let me clarify, the baby pic thats on here is not our baby. It's one of the little boys that I nanny. Haha Now that that's taken care of...
This weekend has been quite the adventure.
It's my parents anniversary today and to celebrate, they took off for the weekend to Cali.
With the help of Mike and my brother Brock, we took the task of taking care of my younger siblings.
My parents left Saturday morning, so we all hung out at my parents house all afternoon as well as run a few errands. That night, we made homemade pizza and just spent good quality time together. That night Tanner and Nicole wanted to stay the night at Mike and I's apartment.
It was so fun to have our first guests, we played "Go Fish" and laughed tons (mostly because we were so stinkin' tired!). The next morning we had decided to go to my parents ward which was at 1230, so we were able to sleep in (as much as the kids would allow us). Next thing we know, there are 4 people in our bed, just giggling and talking. We went to church and came home to some yummy Potato Cream Cheese Soup.
Today will be just another crazy day, kids come home from school and sports practices left and right. This weekend sure made me appreciate all that my parents do for us. It also got me super excited to be a parent, especially with Mike:)
Happy 24th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

We didn't quite get a picture altogether this weekend, so I found this one for your enjoyment.

xoxo, The Harrison's

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