Monday, March 14, 2011

Startin off right

It's finally Spring Break!
Even though I'm only taking a few classes, with everything else going on this is a much needed break... We decided to go to Payson to spend the night in the woods, just me and him :)
The weather was abolutely perfect
Instead of freezing my booty off, I was taking of my sweater and socks throughout the night, my husband was proud! It was so much fun relaxing around the campfire and sleeping under the stars in our truck! We love the outdoors!

Right when we got there, we had to take a picture... we need to start taking more pictures cause we are really bad at doing that.
Our fire looks kinda lame but I promise, it wasn't!
We found snow on our afternoon walk.

Roasting our hot dogs for lunch :)
xoxo, The Harrison's

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