Wednesday, March 30, 2011

now here's an incredible story...

It was a Saturday afternoon, beautiful day around 4:30 pm.

My husband and I had just been at my parents house relaxing and enjoying a good weekend. Around this time we left my parents home we hopped in our seperate cars to begin the drive home. I was in front of him by about a half mile, while he was following behind back to our house. I got home before Mike, thinking that he would follow in shortly after. But he didn't. I began to get extremely worried thinking that he should be home by now and maybe he got into some trouble...

As Mike was driving down Val Vista, he caught eye of a car that was about 100 feet into a neighborhood. In this car, he realized there was a person in the driver seat. As he looked closer, he noticed little orange flames coming from underneath the car. By pulling out in front of other cars, he pulled into the neighborhood to do some further investigation. When he pulled over he realized that the driver was passed out and had no way of helping himself out. Mike ran to the nearest intersection and flagged a car down that had a mother and her son in the car. He motioned to have the mother call for help and motioned the boy to come and help him get this man out of the burning car. They boys then brought him out of the car, safely away from the scene. By this time, the car was fully engulfed by flames.

I finally got a hold of my husband after much worry, and he began to tell me what had happened. I admire all those who were around and quickly took action to remove this mans life from jeapordy. For whatever reason my husband looked over to the side of the road that day, no one really knows . This man could have easily lost his life that day. But he is now safe and here to remain on this earth.

(a picture i found on the internet)


  1. Wow, awesome story! What a hero! Ryan saved me (and unborn Preston) once! We were visiting some friends up in Idaho and we went to the store. As we were walking in the parking lot a car reversed very quickly and didn't see us. Ryan picked me up and threw me on the other side of him and the car was about an inch away from hitting Ryan. So if he wouldn't have moved me I definitely would have been hit. Mike saving someone from a burning car is definitely a cooler story though!

  2. oh my gosh awesome!!
    ps. I totally read every new post, it shows up on my blog so I come on over to read yours! So cute!!